Red Wine

Venta la Vega, 2016 Ternario 1


Variety: Garnacha Tintorera

Region: Almansa

Vintage: 2016

This wine….. A new project from Raul Perez in Almansa. Ternario one is an approachable and expressive red from a high altitude vineyard south of Valencia.

Where this wine comes from

When the prolificate Spanish producer and winery owner MGA was looking to acquire a new property in Almansa, a wine region south of Valencia. The decision to move forward fell to one of Spain's greatest winemakers, Raul Perez. Raul felt that the region and vineyards had the potential to produce something special. Utilizing the unique Garnacha Tintotera red grape variety as the foundation, Raul set to work. The result is the Ternario wines, showing the elegance and finesse that can be achieved in such a warm region. The wines offer exceedingly good value for money, and the quality in the glass reflects more the potential for the region rather than it's current level of prestige. The entry level Adaras is brillant at the price, especially when considering it is produced from organic grapes.

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