Red Wine

Raul Perez, 2015 Arrotos del Pendon


Variety: Prieto Picudo

Region: Castilla y Leon

Vintage: 2015

This wine….. A broading and intense wine. The sheer concentration and intensity of the wine demands attention. Needs a few hours decanting to become approachable, though it will reward those with patience.

Where this wine came from

“Of all the producers in Bierzo, Perez has the deepest roots (and the longest and most flourishing beard in the wine world). He still fits on this ‘one to watch’ list due to his astonishing diversity. If there’s anything interesting happening in northwest Spain then it’s very possible he’s involved…” - Sarah Jane Evans MW, Decanter, September 2016


Raúl Pérez is one of Spain’s finest winemakers, and some wine trade veterans believe Raúl is among a handful of the best winemakers in the world. He is intensely driven to be the conduit of amazing wines. He believes that wine is made in the vineyard, and has an uncanny knack for knowing what his vineyards need in order to achieve their greatest potential. His wines are extremely limited, handcrafted, artisanal examples from varieties such as Albariño, Mencía, Bastardo, Prieto Picudo and Godello from the northwestern DOs of Spain.

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