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Red Wine

Barbara Fores, 2011 El Templari


Variety: Garnacha/Morenillo

Region: Terra Alta

Vintage: 2012

This wine….. El Templari sets out to show the potential of the Morenillo grape variety. Indigenous to the region, it adds a distinctive red cherry character. The mediteraneans response to Pinot Noir.

Producer Description

A visit to Barbara Fores is a family experience. Mari Carmen De Bàrbara Forés is the mother and matriarch of the winery. A skilled hand shown through the balance, depth, complexity and purity across the range of wines. The wines carry with them personality reflecting the character of the each of the vineyards. Indigenous varieties such as the red grape variety Morenillo, are seeing a renaissance thanks to the efforts of people like Mari. To show the importance and character of the indigenous grapes versus the more commercial varieties, which have been planted in recent years.

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Barbara Fores-El Templari.jpg