Why Us?

Bootleggers' set out with a simple goal: get great wines to people who are looking to explore the world of wine.

Over the last couple of years we have grown our portfolio to include over 60 producers, from 10 countries, on 4 continents. Our goal each time is to work with either a benchmark producer who sets the tone for the region, or an upcoming producer whois doing something very special.

The wines we have chosen represent our view of the wine world, we hope you'll enjoy coming along for the ride.

Each month we will champion twelve wines, offering diversity in regions, grape varieties, styles and price points. You can choose a single bottle, or signup for our monthly 6 or 12 packs.

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Want more info? Want something bespoke for a dinner, party or just a night by the fire? Get in touch and drop us a note below.


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Bio - Benjamin Hasko, MS

Benjamin Hasko is the director of Luxury Beverage Group, and the two underlying companies Bootleggers Wine & Spirits and Cru Wines. Ben's main responsibilities include: developing and managing the portfolio of around 60 producers from 9 countries. The focus is always either benchmark or up-and-coming producers from established and emerging region. Ben's other responsibilities include wine education and training, along with the continued development of both brands.

Ben completed the Master Sommelier examination in London in October 2016, becoming the 236th Master Sommelier. He received the inaugural Dom Ruinart Cup for completing the examination on his first attempt. Ben is passionate about wine education in Australia, working with the industry and supporting further development. His interests include consulting on wine list development and management, and developing beverage programs.



Bootleggers is a site and service designed to simplify an otherwise complex world without compromising on quality. The team behind Bootleggers though, also run a distribution company called CRU Wines including wines found here as well as many others. For any B2B or wholesale inquiries, please get in touch there.

Ben himself offers a wide variety of services including, event judging, wine list consultation, cellar consultation, special events etc.. For any inquiries please feel free to email direct at bhasko@bootleggers.com.au