Ever get excited to buy wine online but get nervous you wont like it. You can’t taste it, smell it, try it first? Do you go by the label?
You could, but why not try something knowing one of the best palette’s in the world chose it. Try somethign new that will open your mind to a new region
a new variety or simply a producer your heard your cool wine friend name drop last night. Trust Ben (he’s a Master at this)
and know your are getting something good.

Get a taste with his current picks below or just take a browse on your own:

Ben's Monthly Twelve:

12 of Ben’s favourite right now. Premium, elegant, interesting, a dozen wines to remember

The Bootleggers Dozen:
6 wines, 2 of each of the entry wines.

The Bootleggers Six:
6 wines, 1 of each of the entry wines